Replica Breitling Emergency Men’s Watch

Breitling replica watches Professional specifically designed for the aviation sector, both unique eye-catching table ring is easy to operate, easy to read dial, or complex devices, versatile design, all reveal the Breitling pilots tailored ingenuity. Professional series watch along with everyday needs and practical function, so beloved of multifunction watches members of all ages.


Emergency Men’s Watch

In the aviation sector, the life of an experienced pilot, far more important than the tens of millions of dollars ‘ worth of planes, so when the pilot on a sailing accident, and how to save them is particularly important. Breitling fake in 1985, at the request of NATO, with its tables for the aviation industry for many years of experience, spent more than 10 years of research and development, and finally in 1995 to design Emergency.

replica Breitling Emergency watch is a chronograph precision Observatory, equipped with a Breitling’s SuperQuartz ┬ámovement. Generally, adapt to the oscillation frequency of the movement has been slowed by external temperature changes, causing the actual error. Engineers to overcome the effects of temperature, the special movement put a miniature thermometer, developed a temperature and automatically adjust the movement runs high-precision devices. Made SuperQuartz error rate of fewer than 15 seconds, quartz movement with the standard error rate of 150 seconds per year compared to the average precision quartz movement 10 times.

replica watch of Emergency Mens Watches

Emergency Men’s Watch

2001 COSC SuperQuartz-industry standard-certified to the quartz watch again, is still the standard of 3 degrees! But require more stringent, worsening limit in +/-0.2 seconds. So far, only replica Breitling through! Moreover, early in 1999, through a symbolism Breitling of all products 100% COSC certification, and Switzerland’s Watch, only 5% to receive this honor.

Certainly the most special, built-in micro-transmitter to a family table, it can be in the 121.5MHz of the air on the emergency frequency, within 48 hours of uninterrupted every distress signal of 2.25 seconds, 0.75 seconds can make flying some 160 kilometres, flying at an altitude of 6000 m rescue plane received a distress signal. Makes the victim through the device sends a signal in case of a crash, so rescuers can quickly and accurately determine the location of the victims, the rescue work.

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