Ulysse Nardin Classic Sonata

The Classic Sonata are all in hot pursuit of function of complex echanical watches, titanium bezel and stainless steel case on a change of
classical design, in its purest form to you.

The Classic Sonata match Ulysse Nardin replica watch unique function-a tuning hammer to ring the Bell sound harmonious and delightful sounds of spring, as well as dual time zone adjustment system, stunning. Unique stores of the Classic Sonata limited edition of 99 pieces.

The Classic Sonata UN-67 automatic movement, combined with the patented inertia and siliceous spring balance. replica Ulysse Nardin watch has
always been good at complex function watch, this watch has to beat out graceful Cathedral Bell device. Between the 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock position, there are 24-hour sets of rings, the edge of night and day design, on behalf of Bell alarm can be set in the morning or afternoon. 10 o’clock position of the pointer displays the Bell is in the started state; even more special is that when traveling, Bell function and you can adjust the local time of the synchronization.

Ulysse Nardin replica watch focuses on faster dual time zone feature, you only need to press the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock button, you can quickly
adjust local time before and after school, home at 6 o’clock direction is displayed in 24-hour time-blue discs, can be clearly read date
double window at 4 o’clock position.

Classic series DNA, is to enhance the beauty of nature, highlight the elegance of design: from sword-pointers, dials, lugs, stainless steel
case, are the perfect fusion. The Classic Sonata has a 44 mm stainless steel case of the watch, titanium and Sapphire Crystal case back, water resistant to 30 meters, and has brought classic leather strap and folding clasp.